The Run Down

Races to the bathroom at eight in the morning are intense, when there are six girls trying to make it to their class, glamorously on time.

My apartment is a battle field, filled with an army of hormonal females. Wether it is eating some ones food, or drinking some ones juice, there at least one battle a day. Living here has made me appreciate my life back at home, where i didn’t have to share anything with any one, and everything was mine. Don’t get me wrong, I live with all of my best friends, sometimes it just gets  too crowed in here.

I’ve been here for about three weeks, and can officially say that my apartment has become the hangout spot for every one and there “momma”. They come, they party, they raid our refrigerator they make a mess, and they leave.

Don’t get me started on the boyfriend dilemma that happens daily, with the popular, “He said, she said”. The nights where your roommates consist of the girl, and her boyfriend, who are sometimes extremely loud when they shouldn’t be!

All of this, is just part of my college experience, which some how every one says is going to help me in the future. So I am just going to sit back, do my chores and enjoy the fights.


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