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Crunch Time = Stress time

November 8, 2010

As the days pass i am starting to become more and more stressed. With school work, and real work, my life is starting to feel very complicated, and coming to a “crazy home” ( my apartment ) is not helping me at all. Besides the fact that everything is always out of order in this place, my room is starting to become a total mess.

Last week I was hired as a sales associate at a jewelery store, and the schedule that the manager gave me isn’t interfering with my school, its interfering with my life. When I say life, I mean the time i use to get to myself, when I didn’t have this job. And besides this job, I’m still a babysitter, so I work everyday of the week and Saturday which leaves me no time to clean up my room. Coming back tired from work to a dirty is probably one of the worst feelings throughout the daty ( besides the fact that I have so much homework).

Now being the one of the few girls who has a job, my other roommates expect me to share my earnings. NOT HAPPENING. If I can do it yall’ can do it too! Just because we’re all really close friends does not mean I’m here to support you and clean up after you.

I need every one to get it together in this apartment, to get some encouragement for myself. As the semester ends I’m going to need a place of “tranquility” (NOT the library)  where I can focus on what matters the most, SCHOOL!

Signing out today stressed . . .